Why Boston is One of America’s Best Cities for Marijuana Moms

Marijuana Moms are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. As a group, Marijuana Moms are proud of their choice in cannabis over other options like wine or pain medications, and they empower themselves to do what is right for them and their families. The fact that Marijuana Moms are a growing demographic shows the stigma of recreational cannabis use is fading from American society.

Why is Boston Ideal for Marijuana Moms?

This growing movement of mothers who are turning down prescription pain meds, putting down the wine bottle, and turning to a kinder, gentler option; one they argue is far safer. Now a growing number of them are choosing Boston to be their home. Here’s why:

1.     Beautiful City Living

It’s not hard to vibe, relax, focus, or feel inspired when you live in Boston. And consuming cannabis isn’t just for college students and young adults anymore. CNN Money ranked two Boston areas, Brighton and Somerville, in the top 100 places to live. While the list favored affordable rental prices and low crime rates, there’s more to living in Boston than that. Brighton hosts the beautiful mile-and-a-half loop around the reservoir at Cleveland Circle, making a green space in a major city, and Somerville is hope to a creative group of shops and culture, including the Somerville Theatre and its Museum of Bad Art (MOBA).

All of this neighborhood charm and culture is ideal for cannabis consumption, which isn’t limited to smoking anymore. Cannabis relief can come in the form of capsules, transdermal patches, chocolate edibles, seltzers, and an expanding variety of other products. While smoking cannabis is prohibited in public—anywhere where tobacco is banned, cannabis is banned—Boston provides a variety of public spaces to enjoy yourself after consuming cannabis in a private, legal location.

2.     Business is Booming

While in some parts of America using cannabis is still an act of rebellion, Bostonians enjoy access to legal medical and recreational cannabis. Only five years after voting to legalize possession and consumption for all adults 21 years old and up, the cannabis industry is bringing a boom to an already booming city. Boston has a long history of cannabis legalization advocacy, and has held the Boston Freedom Rally and NECANN Boston for decades. In 2020, Massachusetts added more than 10,000 jobs related to cannabis, and the still-young industry is only bound to grow. The cannabis industry is disproportionately composed of Millennials, and many people aged 40 and under are moving to Boston, getting jobs in the industry, and starting families. The influx of cannabis workers who are mothers is one factor driving the rising popularity of the Marijuana Mom movement, but there are many other factors.

3.     Mothers are Choosing Cannabis over Wine

Everyone needs a way to unwind. In this day in age, most people don’t bat an eye at the sight of a pre-roll, or balk at the passing aroma of cannabis smoke from an apartment window. But old stigmas often die hard. Marijuana Moms seek to break negative stereotypes of cannabis users by demonstrating that they are good caretakers and productive members of society, and not a public nuisance. Many even claim that the emotional benefits have made their families stronger.

While acceptance and awareness of cannabis has skyrocketed in recent years, many moms face a stigma that keeps them trapped in the prohibitionist past. It’s a double standard that fathers can have the occasional toke, but mothers can’t. It mimics alcohol consumption, which studies show is often encouraged in men and shamed in women. But people may be more tolerant of those who raise the glass than those who puff and pass. Especially when that smoker is a woman and a mother. So while it is legal for women across the country, and attitudes are changing fast, mothers do still face scrutiny, and deserve support.

4.     People Need Support Where Pharmaceuticals Fall Short

In the midst of a long fought war with opioid related overdoses (Massachusetts unfortunately ranks seventh in terms of drug overdoses according to American Addiction Centers), some Bostonians are turning to cannabis for pain relief, amongst a host of other symptoms and conditions.

Early studies from Harvard Health indicate that access to medical cannabis reduces the total number of opioid prescriptions written, giving hope that a large-scale alternative will reduce fatalities. No known compound found in cannabis can be overdosed fatally, making it far safer than opioids, alcohol, and many common prescription and over-the-counter medications. While some Marijuana Moms may be looking for a bit of fun and a way to unwind, for so many others, it is medicine.

5.     Massachusetts Schools Are the Nation’s Best

From preschool to Harvard and MIT, Massachusetts boasts what is widely considered the best educational system in the country. Young families chasing opportunities in Boston are often here to stay. Locals stay in Boston, as well, and include graduates of Boston’s 35 universities, colleges and community colleges that stay in the area after graduation. Massachusetts ranks in the top 10 states to live, in according to US News. These groups and many others stand to sway public opinion more in favor of Marijuana Moms in Boston over time as they start families and advocate for others who do.

6.     Marijuana Moms are Not Alone

In Boston, cannabis isn’t going anywhere, and neither are Marijuana Moms. Cannabis use as a cultural phenomenon is normalizing for cannabis enthusiasts and abstainers alike. Additionally, it brings in a lot of money to the state in the form of taxes, so expect the industry to keep growing, and quickly. For those who believe mothers deserve to enjoy the right to seek their medicine and enjoy themselves responsibly, there is ample cause for optimism that a brighter, healthier culture lies ahead.

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