The Boston Cannabis Tourism Guide

If you’re traveling to Boston with plans to enjoy the newly legal cannabis industry, you’re in luck. Legal recreational dispensaries are open to any adult aged 21 or older, but finding legal places to consume that purchase may be tougher than you’d think. 

Technically, public consumption of cannabis is illegal in Massachusetts. Smoke-free workplace initiatives and Boston’s city-wide smoking ban leave only a handful of options for tourists to legally consume. Cannabis can only be consumed in private residences and businesses that are exempt from smoke-free laws, such as membership-only clubs and traditionally tobacco-based businesses. 

In spite of the tricky nature of public consumption, you can still find ways to enjoy Boston’s most highly sought-after attractions. From cannabis-specific events to destinations best enjoyed with cannabis, the article will give you a few tips on where you can legally consume, where you can participate in legal cannabis gatherings, and a few places that get even better after consuming legal cannabis in Boston, one of America’s oldest cities

420-Friendly Establishments for Legal Cannabis Entertainment

Due to the Boston’s tricky legal situation with cannabis, it can be challenging to find places to legally consume Boston’s finest herbs. There are only two legal consumption lounges in Massachusetts that allow you to consume cannabis legally. 

The Summit Lounge, the only club of its kind in the state, is a members-only smoking club that allows its patrons to consume any legal smokable herb, including cannabis. Unfortunately, for those with less time on their hands, Summit Lounge’s nearly two-hour drive from Boston may prohibit a visit outside of the city. Alternatively, cannabis tourism companies like Loopr operate in the market space that considers privately-chartered vehicles in the same category as privately-rented homes, allowing them to allow you to consume cannabis on the go throughout the city.

Dining and crafts with cannabis

The other option for consumption is attending a private event such as Infused dinners, Puff Pass Paint nights or High Tea events. These cannabis consumption events combine traditional activities like fine dining, painting, and tea socials with cannabis. Events like these are held privately at a variety of venues ranging from smoke shops and lounges to AirBnB’s and private residences. You can usually find out more by messaging the organizers privately to see if you can secure an invite. Or, if you’re looking for a cannabis-friendly event that’s focused more on education and information, check out local cannabis conferences as well as the annual Boston Freedom Rally, organized by MassCann. Don’t feel like your cannabis experience requires consumption; 76% of cannabis events in Massachusetts are non-consumption events.

Cannabis tours: information & consumption

If you really want to dive into Boston’s cannabis scene, consider one of the many cannabis tours that are available throughout the city. These tours offer visitors the chance to legally consume cannabis while learning about what goes into the creation of cannabis vapes, edibles, and tinctures. Many tours offer the ability to combine cannabis with activities that you already know and love, including brewery tours, shopping, and sightseeing. Plus, you can ask all the questions you want from tour guides that know the  local laws, trends, and must-see attractions.

Cannabis industry events

For an updated list of cannabis festivals and celebrations, check out our 420 events calendar.

Enhanced Boston Experiences: The City’s Best Places to Enjoy

While most of Boston’s historic and tourist destinations aren’t cannabis-friendly, they offer a great source of entertainment once you’ve already consumed cannabis. Places like public parks, trails, and attractions like the zoo or the aquarium’s whale watch are breathtaking choices for recreational cannabis experiences. Below is a list of a few must-see Boston destinations to experience with cannabis:

1. Public Parks & Trails

Boston has no shortage of trails, gardens, and parks. Among them, the Boston Public Garden, the first botanical garden in the United States, boasts more than 600 varieties of trees and flowers.  The Rose Kennedy Greenway and the Arnold Arboretum are must-see attractions for those interested in plants, shirts, and trees ranging from various perennials to three different types of bamboo. 

2. Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a unique collection of historic sites includes museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, and more that tell the stories of the American Revolution and beyond. This historic trail is a spectacular chance to take a step back in time.

3. Skywalk Observatory

If heights aren’t your thing, you’ll want to skip this one. Boston’s best view affords visitors the ability to see up to 100 miles away. See Hancock Tower, Fenway Park, The Boston Common, Harvard, and countless other landmarks from Boston’s highest viewpoint, especially if you’ve prepared accordingly. 

4. New England Aquarium Whale Watching

What may seem mundane to some will become mesmerizing with the help of cannabis. If you’re visiting between April and October, consider a whale watching excursion during the peak of the season in the Bay State.  

Whatever your plans, there’s plenty that Boston’s tourism and cannabis industries have to offer during your stay. One of our favorite recommendations is to try out a small serving of edibles while visiting one of the city’s many historical sites. However high your adventures in Boston may take you, be sure to consume responsibly and legally. Using ride-share apps like Lyft are strongly advised, since driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal.

Need More Information?

If you have further questions or would like assistance selecting the right cannabis options for your plans, stop by one of our convenient Massachusetts cannabis dispensary locations for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff members. If you are flying into Boston via the Boston Logan International Airport, our East Boston dispensary is located one mile away.

Update: COVID-19 has impacted nearly every American business. The content in this article discusses subject matter related to traveling, retail environments, events, and tourism, all of which have been impacted by COVID-19. As retail stores reopen, we recommend following the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing, sterilizing surfaces and equipment, and wearing cloth masks.

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