Black Jack


A sativa-dominant hybrid cultivar with a distinctive floral smell from its Jack Herer parent.

Deadhead OG

Deadhead OG Strain

Known for its full-body relaxing effects with cerebral stimulation. This cultivar offers a piney taste, and a smell that offers hints of...



A potent hybrid cultivar, GG4 is known for delivering a deep, euphoric and relaxing effect.

Gooey Mendo Haze

Gooey Mendo Haze

A cross between Old Mendo Haze and Pure Gooey, this cultivar is known for high levels of THC and tropical flavor profile.


Stardawg strain by Happy Valley

A hybrid cross between Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg known for it's earthy aroma and uplifting effects.


T.Sage strain by Happy Valley

A cross between Big Sur Holy Weed and Afghani that delivers a relaxing and sedating effect.

Thank You Jerry

Cultivar Thank You Jerry

A cross between Snow Dawg and Gorilla Dawg most commonly used for daytime relief of stress and tension.

Wedding Cake MAC

A hybrid cultivar known for high levels of THC. This cultivar acts as a calming agent for most, and is known to significantly increase...

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