Parenting on Pot: The Rise of Marijuana Moms

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As recreational and medical cannabis becomes legal in more states, a growing number of mothers are opting for cannabis over alcohol. The mounting body of evidence shows that cannabis is safer than alcohol in terms of toxicity, and health-conscious parents are choosing cannabis to cope with the pain and stress associated with parenting. Discover the cultural phenomenon of “marijuana moms” and why we can expect more parents to choose cannabis in the coming years.

What Is a Marijuana Mom?

A marijuana mom is a mother that incorporates cannabis into her lifestyle as a parent. This growing demographic illustrates the fading stigma of cannabis use among adults and medical users.

Recreational cannabis use (also known as Adult Use) is now fully legal in 11 states, and has been decriminalized in 27 states. Currently, there are only eight remaining states where cannabis is fully illegal (our recent article covers the best and worst states for cannabis legalization). It comes as no surprise that cannabis use among millennials and Gen Z is growing increasingly popular, and that marijuana moms represent a growing portion of these cannabis-friendly demographics.

Recreational Cannabis (Adult Use) and Parenting

A significant portion of American parents are current cannabis users. According to a Yahoo News and Marist College survey of 1,122 Americans, 65% of people that have used cannabis are parents, and 54% of current cannabis users are parents. Cannabis as a recreational alternative to drinking wine, beer, and liquor is becoming more prevalent and socially acceptable.

Millennials are now the largest group of cannabis consumers in America, and their permissive attitudes on cannabis is likely to influence the attitudes of future generations.  The Yahoo News and Marist College survey also found that 73% of millennials say their parents talked with them about cannabis, compared to 49% percent of Gen-Xers and 28% of baby boomers.

The most common reason for parents to use cannabis is to help them relax and cope with the stresses of parenting. The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion found that 37% of parents that use cannabis claim it’s to help them relax, versus 16% that say it’s “just for fun,” and 10% that claimed it helps them socialize.

Medical Use and Parenting

In addition to the recreational uses for parents, cannabis has proven effective in reducing the symptoms of several postpartum conditions. Postpartum depression, pain, generalized anxiety, and other conditions related to postpartum have been treated by Medical Use cannabis products.

Cannabis and Postpartum Conditions

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a collection of symptoms that occur following the birth of a child, which include depression, insomnia, mood swings, and irritability. Mothers often experience these symptoms as a response to changing hormone levels and the stress of being a new parent. According to Leafly, Cannabis has been prescribed to treat many of these symptoms as an alternative to antidepressants and cost-prohibitive counseling.

Safety and Health for Marijuana Moms

Though cannabis products are seeing surging popularity, there are several safety considerations marijuana moms should take before using cannabis or CBD. There is a time and a place for cannabis consumption. For example, driving while experiencing the effects of cannabis is illegal and dangerous, and users should exercise discretion when using cannabis or CBD.

Along those lines, most experts advise against using cannabis products while pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, marijuana moms should know several specifics about their cannabis and CBD before launching into the lifestyle.

Is It Safe To Use Cannabis While Pregnant?

Marijuana moms should not be confused with expecting mothers using cannabis. The safety of using cannabis during pregnancy is an ongoing debate, and there the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that using cannabis while pregnant may affect your baby’s development. Some potential health effects include:

  • Low birth weight
  • Developmental problems
  • Learning disabilities

Cannabis use among new mothers is harmless, but cannabis use while pregnant exposes your baby to potential health risks. More research into the effects on cannabis on unborn babies is needed for an authoritative answer, but it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby’s safety in utero.

CBD Safety For Parents

A 2017 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found no negative health effects for CBD use, but there is a relative lack of data in regards to the effects of CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, there is a wide variety of CBD products available in the market, and they all vary in quality and potency. If you are using CBD to reduce the symptoms of a postpartum condition, ensure the CBD products you are using are legitimate, high-quality products.

Knowing where your CBD comes from, knowing the specifics of the ingredients in your products, knowing the extraction method, and verifiable third-party testing is key to getting the best CBD experience possible.

High-Quality Cannabis is Essential

If you are a mother that is considering using cannabis to relax, have fun, socialize, or treat postpartum conditions, you need the highest quality products to ensure the best experience. No two marijuana moms have the same wants or needs, so it is important to learn as much about cannabis as possible before diving in. Become a Happy Valley Insider for exclusive deals and updates, and be sure to download the Happy Valley Insider App for even more tools to assist you with your experience.

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