Our Story

We’re Customers Too

As longtime cannabis consumers, we were frequently frustrated by inconsistent experiences and the lack of accountability within the industry. Many times, the products we purchased delivered experiences that felt and tasted mislabeled—sometimes, dramatically so… and there was no way to verify if what they said was what we got.

We founded Happy Valley to change all that. We are leading the charge to create a consistent, premium-quality cannabis experience for you—with a guarantee that what we say is what you get.

We are Guided by our values

Our Mission

To unlock consistent high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and industry leading technology

Pioneering authenticity

At our core, we’re committed to our customers in the cannabis industry. We go above and beyond to ensure that everything we say and do is built on honesty, transparency, and a dedication to providing you with an authentic cannabis experience.

Authentic Variety

We have collected the best of cannabis cultivars (marijuana strains), from the most popular to the rare and hard-to-find, to build an expansive and unique menu for you—with a guarantee that what we say is what you get.

Premium Quality

Our team uses proprietary techniques in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility along with cutting-edge production equipment to ensure your products are packaged at peak quality and freshness.


You will receive premium-quality products, accurately dosed from verified cultivars. Every time.

Open 7 days a week


Gloucester & East Boston

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