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Verified Genetics

Scan to verify genetics

Verified Genetics

At Happy Valley, we guarantee “Verified Genetics” by simply scanning the QR code on your product box or label using our mobile app for iOS or Android to learn more about terpenes, cannabinoids and genetic lineage.

Keep track of your purchase history, rewards points balance (patients only) and a real time live menu.

Need an easy way to keep track of your experiences? Use the Journal feature to quickly log how what you tried, consumption method and how you felt during. Tap once to reference all past Journal entries to compare results of your favorite products.

Scan to verify genetics
Track Experiences
View Rewards

App Features:

  • QR Code scanner to verify genetics of the flower you purchased
  • Keep track of how you feel using your personal Journal
  • View rewards points balance and update your profile (medical patients only)
  • View live menu by location with current inventory and up to date pricing
  • Tap to call to speak with a Customer Experience Rep during business hours
  • Get directions from your current location

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