Happy Valley’s commitment extends not only to excellence in our products and customer experience, but to supporting the decriminalization of cannabis across the U.S. Cannabis criminalization and prohibition has far-reaching effects on communities across the country. Happy Valley will always go the extra mile to promote meaningful changes to support the cannabis community and help remove the stigma. 

As a company that supports legal recreational and medical cannabis use, we recognize the importance of doing our part. Each month, Happy Valley will support a local initiative. We encourage our readers and customers to support these organizations, as well.

Happy Valley Values

The prohibition of cannabis cultivation, sale, use, and research has hampered the growth of the cannabis community. Since day one, Happy Valley has been dedicated to building the cannabis community. The #happyvalleyvalues hashtag highlights causes and communities we are proud to support, including:

  • Best Buddies International
  • Cannabis decriminalization and clemency initiatives
  • Sustainability and environmentalism
  • Mental health and wellness

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American Legion Post 3

The American Legion was established in 1919, and remains the oldest veteran’s organization in the United States.  Capt. Lester S. Wass American Legion Post 3 has a long and distinguished history, and it stands at the end of Washington Street in the shadow of the Joan of Arc statue. American Legion Post 3 honors the sacrifices our young men and women made to preserve and protect this nation and to keep it free from tyranny and terror.

Members of American Legion Post 3 are veterans of wartime eras ranging from World War II to the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Over the course of four days, we collected $589 in donations from our customers. Happy Valley added to this donation for a total donation of $1000.

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Backyard Growers

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, Happy Valley collected customer donations for Backyard Growers, a local organization that cultivates healthy, connected, and environmentally sustainable communities. This organization fights for food justice by educating the public on how grow their own food. Additionally, they provide resources and support to establish vegetable gardens at homes, housing communities, organizations, and schools.

Over the course of three days, we collected $536 in donations from our customers. Happy Valley added to the donation for a grand total of $1000 to the organization.

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Best Buddies

In March of 2021, Happy Valley donated $2,500 to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island chapter of Best Buddies International. Best Buddies International is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical, and economic isolation of the over 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In honor of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st, we sent an email to our entire network, urging them to donate to the organization.

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Happy Valley & the Last Prisoner Project:

As a strong advocate for cannabis decriminalization, Happy Valley has supported the modernization of cannabis laws while calling for justice for unduly punished cannabis users. Happy Valley proudly supports the decriminalization of cannabis in the U.S., and works closely with the Last Prisoner Project to redress the past and continuing harms of unjust cannabis laws and policies.

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Coat Drive for the Action Inc. Emergency Shelter

During Massachusetts’s coldest month, Happy Valley organized a coat drive for the Action Inc. Emergency Shelter in Gloucester.  With social distancing and hygiene recommendations from the CDC in mind, the coat drive was restricted to Happy Valley employees. Despite the safety precautions, the January coat drive resulted in a sizable donation of over 60 winter coats, and multiple bags filled with scarves, gloves, hats, and warm socks.

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Good Harbor Beach Cleanup

In September of 2021, the Happy Valley team gathered at Good Harbor Beach and at Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts to clean up trash and give back to the community. Over the course of several hours, the team filled dozens of trash bags and made the area a more pleasant environment for recreation and sightseeing.

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Grateful Friends Organization

Happy Valley’s Gloucester dispensary partnered with the Grateful Friends Organization as their October Sponsor. We donated an initial $5,000 at the beginning of the month, followed by at-register donations. Additionally, the proceeds of the sales for a collection of Pink Witch Dr. Pipes were directed to this organization. The in-store donations and pipe proceeds raised an additional $2000+ to support cancer patients!
Grateful Friends is a non-profit organization serving adult cancer patients residing in the Essex and Middlesex Counties of Massachusetts.

Read more about the Grateful Friends Organization

East Boston Community Soup Kitchen

In November of 2021, Happy Valley Boston hosted an in-store donation collection for the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. The EBCSK opens every Tuesday to provide free food for all those who enter their doors. They provide a sense of community to those affected by hunger, homelessness and difficult life circumstances, while offering the humane treatment and compassion many struggle to receive in their everyday lives.

Read more about the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen

The Open Door Food Pantry

Also in November of 2021, Happy Valley Gloucester hosted an in-store donation collection for The Open Door Food Pantry. The mission of The Open Door is to alleviate the impact of hunger in the community. They use practical strategies to connect people to good food, to advocate on behalf of those in need and to engage others in the work of building food security.

Read more about The Open Door Food Pantry

The Ellie Fund Organization

Our East Boston dispensary partnered with The Ellie Fund Organization, and collected at-register donations throughout the month of October. We raised $500 for The Ellie Fund. This organization provides essential support services for breast cancer patients, which allows the patients to focus to be on family, recovery, and healing.

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Freedom Fighters Coalition & Pink Sunday Inc.

In February 2022, Happy Valley’s East Boston dispensary partnered with the Freedom Fighters Coalition and collected in-store donations for Pink Sunday Inc. These contributions help provide affordable health and wellness opportunities for women, as well as support gender equity & justice.

Read more about the Boston Freedom Fighters Coalition

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Eastie Farm & Backyard Growers

In April of 2022, Happy Valley collected customer donations for Eastie Farm, a local organization dedicated to pursuing climate justice. This organization improves food access while fostering community resilience through the development of interactive urban agricultural spaces and environmental education programs. These programs encourage residents of all ages and backgrounds to learn and take part in the production of healthy, locally-grown and culturally-relevant foods.

We also donated $1000 to Backyard Growers, a Gloucester-based organization that cultivates environmentally-sustainable communities, while teaching locals how to grow their own food. Backyard Growers empowers Gloucester residents to create vegetable gardens at their homes, communities, organizations and schools.

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Women’s Lunch Place

Happy Valley collected $750 in customer donations for Women’s Lunch Place in May of 2022. This Boston-based organization supports the development of self-sustaining skills for women experiencing hunger, homelessness and poverty. They create a safe and welcoming day shelter community where their guests can find dignity while building trusting relationships to provide personalized services focused on nutrition, health, housing and economic empowerment.

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Cape Ann Animal Aid & Animal Rescue League of Boston

In August of 2022, Happy Valley collected customer donations for Cape Ann Animal Aid, a non-profit, no-kill organization for adoptable animals.Cape Ann Animal Aid places adoptable animals while enhancing the lives of all companion animals by promoting respect and wellbeing through education and outreach.

Additionally, we collected customer donations for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, a local organization that confronts animal cruelty and neglect at their root causes. This organization provides resources through programs, services and facilities focused on accessible animal care, public advocacy and sustained anti-cruelty efforts for animals most in need.

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