Cannabis in Massachusetts is a very new phenomenon. Medical cannabis (Medical Use) has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012 and recreational cannabis (Adult Use) sales didn’t start until December of 2018. With the relative newness of the Massachusetts cannabis market, there are plenty of common questions that need to be addressed.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Happy Valley’s dispensaries and cannabis in Massachusetts.

Common Questions

How does cannabis differ from hemp?

Hemp is defined as having less than .03% of THC. Hemp has been selectively bred for thousands of years, and can be used for industrial applications, fiber, food, paper, building materials, and beyond. 

Cannabis Quality FAQ

Cannabis Quality FAQ

How do I know your cultivars are what you say they are?

Our partner Medicinal Genomics has sequenced the DNA of every cultivar, which is verified by scanning the QR code on the packaging using the Happy Valley app. 

What is Propylene glycol ( PGP or PEG) and why should I ask if it’s in my cannabis oil?

Propylene glycol is a solvent found in many cannabis oil cartridges and has been shown to be a pulmonary toxin when heating. PG has several hazardous byproducts at high temperatures, including formaldehyde. Happy Valley is committed to selling only propylene glycol-free  and vegetable glycerin-free products.

What’s the difference between a cultivar and a strain?

The word “strain” is actually an inappropriate term for cannabis varieties. A “strain” refers to genetic variation among bacteria, fungi, and viruses, whereas “cultivar” refers to plants. Many cannabis retailers still refer to cultivars as strains, but this is inaccurate. At Happy Valley we have many rare and common cultivars to choose from.

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