Medical cannabis (Medical Use) has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012 and recreational cannabis (Adult Use) sales didn’t start until December of 2018. While we’ve been in this game for a few years now, there are still plenty of common questions that need to be addressed.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Happy Valley’s dispensaries and cannabis in Massachusetts.

Common Questions

Can I make multiple visits in a day?

Yes, provided you have not exceeded your daily purchase limit. Upon reaching the legal purchase limit of either one ounce of flower, five grams of concentrates, or 500mg of edibles you will no longer be permitted to purchase cannabis products from any of our locations for the remainder of the day.

Does the state government know when we go to Happy Valley/any dispensary in MA?

As a recreational customer the state government has no idea that you shop at Happy Valley or any MA dispensary.  If you are a medical card holder the state does track your purchases; and it does know what dispensaries that you purchase from.  This process is explained when you register with the state to become a Medical Marijuana Patient

How does cannabis differ from hemp?

Hemp is defined as having less than .03% of THC. Hemp has been selectively bred for thousands of years, and can be used for industrial applications, fiber, food, paper, building materials, and beyond. 

How much product can I purchase at one time at Happy Valley?

According to current Massachusetts state law, cannabis adult use retailers can sell up to 1 ounce of flower, 5 grams of concentrate (including tinctures – you can buy 10 tinctures per day), or 500mg of edibles per person per day. You can buy a combination of all three as to not exceed the daily limit which is tracked in our point-of-sale system and calculated at our registers.

What forms of ID do I need to bring to purchase at Happy Valley’s Retail Stores?

Only driver’s license, passport or military are acceptable forms of identification per the CCC.

To enter and purchase legally from Happy Valley the following are acceptable forms of identification:

  • Valid, US Government Issued Driver’s License
    • We will accept US Territory Driver’s Licenses specifically:
      • Puerto Rico
      • US Virgin Islands
      • Guam
      • Northern Mariana Islands
      • American Samoa
    • Temporary ID’s marked “Not useable for Identification” are not acceptable
  • Valid, US Government Issued ID Card
    • Commonly referred to as a “Liquor ID” or “Check Cashing ID”
  • Valid, US Military ID
  • Valid, Passport
    • All international visitors to Happy Valley retail stores must provide a passport for verification.
    • Happy Valley is not accepting foreign or international driver’s licenses.

What does “valid” mean?

Valid refers to your identification meeting the following criteria:

  • Photo Identification
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Expiration (and within the expiration date)
  • Non-Defaced (it is legible and verifiable)

What is a non-valid ID?

  • Foreign driver’s licenses- Bring your Passport.
  • College Student ID – Bring your Passport or US Government Issued Driver’s License
  • LTC Card – Bring a valid US Government Issued ID, Military ID, or Passport
  • Any Out of State Medical Marijuana Card
  • Any of the above that has expired






What is your vape cart and pod return policy?

Returns/exchanges are only offered on vape products that are deemed defective or non functioning. Purchase receipt, cartridge, and original packaging are REQUIRED in order to return/exchange the product compliantly within a 4 day window at your original location of purchase. Please check your vape products soon after purchasing for any signs of disfunction so we can best assist you. While we do not allow returns of all other cannabis products due to MA state regulations, we do value feedback about any product our customers feel may not meet our quality standards. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team at (978) 515-5600 or support@happyvalley.org to address these concerns and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

When my ID is scanned does that information get shared with law enforcement / government agencies?

No. The scanning system is used to verify that your ID is accurate and to provide your name and DOB (to ensure that you are 21 years of age minimum) to our POS.  We do not share information with law enforcement or government agencies without a warrant.  Our system is not connected to an outside network, nor do we transfer any personal information at any time.

Cannabis Quality FAQ

Cannabis Quality FAQ

What is Propylene glycol ( PGP or PEG) and why should I ask if it’s in my cannabis oil?

Propylene glycol is a solvent found in many cannabis oil cartridges and has been shown to be a pulmonary toxin when heating. PG has several hazardous byproducts at high temperatures, including formaldehyde. Happy Valley is committed to selling only propylene glycol-free  and vegetable glycerin-free products.

What’s the difference between a cultivar and a strain?

The word “strain” is actually an inappropriate term for cannabis varieties. A “strain” refers to genetic variation among bacteria, fungi, and viruses, whereas “cultivar” refers to plants. Many cannabis retailers still refer to cultivars as strains, but this is inaccurate. At Happy Valley we have many rare and common cultivars to choose from.

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