Cannabis in Massachusetts is a very new phenomenon. Medical cannabis (Medical Use) has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012 and recreational cannabis (Adult Use) sales didn’t start until December of 2018. With the relative newness of the Massachusetts cannabis market, there are plenty of common questions that need to be addressed. Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Happy Valley’s dispensaries and cannabis in Massachusetts.

Happy Valley Dispensary FAQ:

Does Happy Valley offer delivery services?

We currently do not offer a Medical Use or Adult Use delivery service.

How many times will I have to show my ID?

You will be required to show your ID at four separate points throughout your purchase. Please make sure to have it handy.

Can I bring my underaged child with me to the dispensary?

You can not bring in your children or any person under the age of 21 inside the dispensary without a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Authorization card.

Can I use my debit or credit card to purchase cannabis products?

Yes. We will have cashless card options as well as an onsite ATM.

How can I see my past purchase history?

Download the Happy Valley app, enter in your phone number and tap “Purchases”. Here you will see a list view of all purchase history and receipts. 

What will I need to bring to purchase cannabis?

If you are a medical patient, you will need to bring your valid, state-issued Medical Marijuana card.

For Adult Use, you’ll need to bring state-issued Identification. Identification must be valid (not expired) and show:

  • The bearer’s date of birth,
  • The bearer’s signature (except US Military ID – see below)
  • A photograph of bearer

Types of acceptable ID:

  • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory and District of Columbia.
  • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any Canadian Province
  • Valid Massachusetts State Temporary Driver’s License
  • U.S. Armed Forces I.D. Card (Encrypted signature acceptable)
  • Merchant Marine I.D. Card issued by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Massachusetts Liquor Card
  • Official Passport, passport card, NEXUS card

Is there free parking available?

Yes. Both locations in Gloucester and East Boston have plenty of free parking available for guests.

Is Happy Valley wheelchair accessible?

Yes. All of our dispensaries are ADA accessible with many handicap parking spaces.


Do you need a medical card to enter Happy Valley dispensaries?

You don’t need a medical card to enter Happy Valley if you are 21 or older. You can enter Happy Valley between the ages of 18 and 21 only if you are a registered patient with a medical card.

Does Happy Valley have cannabis jobs open?

If we have positions open at one of our locations, you can find them on our careers page.

Are seeds and plants sold at the dispensary?

We do not sell seeds and plants at Happy Valley.

Can I order online?

Yes you can order online at our East Boston or Gloucester location.. Avoid the lines and place an order to pick up by going to our menu. When you arrive, you’ll be directed to our express pick up line.  

How much product can I purchase at one time at Happy Valley?

According to Massachusetts state law, cannabis retailers can sell up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. For cannabis concentrate, we can sell up to five grams at a time. 

For cannabis edibles, the THC in a single serving cannot exceed five milligrams. The limit for servings that can be sold is 20, with a maximum of 100 milligrams of THC.

Are marijuana accessories available at the dispensary?

Yes. We will have a variety of marijuana accessories available for purchase, including a variety of pipes/bowls, vaporizers, rolling papers, and more.

Does Happy Valley offer delivery services?

We do not currently offer a medical or adult use delivery service at this time. However, you can place an online order for express pickup.

Can I make multiple visits in a day?

Purchasing limits from the state are per-purchase. It is Happy Valley policy that once you reach the legal limit of one ounce of flower and five grams of concentrates purchased, you will no longer be permitted to purchase cannabis products from any one of our locations for the remainder of the day.

What is your return policy?

Returns are only offered on vape cartridges and batteries. Receipt and packaging are required, and must be returned within a 2-4 day window.

What are your hours of operation?

Our locations are opening in 2020,  our hours of operation will be from 9:00AM to 10:00 PM.

How do I contact Happy Valley?

There are several ways to contact Happy Valley:

Cannabis Quality FAQ:

You should never compromise on cannabis quality. As the cannabis industry graduates from the black market, dispensaries and cultivators are improving their practices to enhance the cannabis experience for consumers. Here are some common questions about cannabis quality.

How do I know your cultivars are what you say they are?

Our partner Medicinal Genomics has sequenced the DNA of every cultivar, which is verified by scanning the QR code on the packaging using the Happy Valley app. 

What’s the difference between a cultivar and a strain?

The word “strain” is actually an inappropriate term for cannabis varieties. A “strain” refers to genetic variation among bacteria, fungi, and viruses, whereas “cultivar” refers to plants. Many cannabis retailers still refer to cultivars as strains, but this is inaccurate. At Happy Valley we have many rare and common cultivars to choose from.

What is Propylene glycol ( PGP or PEG) and why should I ask if it’s in my cannabis oil?

Propylene glycol is a solvent found in many cannabis oil cartridges and has been shown to be a pulmonary toxin when heating. PG has several hazardous byproducts at high temperatures, including formaldehyde. Happy Valley is committed to selling only propylene glycol-free  and vegetable glycerin-free products.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered in this FAQ page, be sure to contact Happy Valley and submit your questions today.

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