The 7 Best 420-Friendly Airbnbs in Boston

For the first time since the closure of many public spaces and businesses related to the global pandemic, Bostonians are seeing an increasing number of “Open” signs. Weekend trips are being planned, concert tickets are being purchased, and mask mandates are being lifted. The extended seclusion of the lockdowns has created a renewed appetite for vacations and getaways. After a long 15 months, Americans want to travel, visit friends and family, and discover new experiences outside the walls of our homes. Cannabis tourism in Boston is the perfect cure for cabin fever, and one of the best ways to experience Boston’s thriving cannabis culture is through 420-friendly Airbnbs.

No Public Cannabis Use in Massachusetts

Massachusetts voted to legalize the use of recreational cannabis for people over the age of 21 back in 2016, and was one of the first East Coast states to do so. With a growing number of dispensaries, Boston has become a destination for cannabis enthusiasts and curious beginners around the world. 

In Massachusetts, it is currently against the law to consume cannabis in public spaces. Consuming cannabis products in public could result in heavy fines. There are not yet publicly-operated cafes or clubs that allow cannabis consumption. There are anecdotal reports of hotels that turn a blind eye to cannabis, but this carries a degree of risk for Bostonians. 

The Growing Popularity of 420-Friendly Airbnbs

420-friendly Airbnb hosts offer a space for travelers to use their cannabis products of choice, as a legal THC oasis. For those that prefer an Airbnb over hotels when traveling, the pandemic severely limited the number of listings. As the COVID-19 restrictions relax, listings have begun to repopulate. The cannabis industry in Massachusetts is looking to build back its culture and 420 event calendar to be bigger and better than it was before the pandemic. Airbnb hosts are taking advantage of this trend, and many becoming more accepting of cannabis use on their properties, and some are actively promoting themselves as cannabis destinations.

The 7 Best 420-Friendly Airbnbs in Boston

We’re here to keep you informed on the best Airbnbs to stay at while you kick back with your peace of mind. Here are the seven best Airbnb listings in the Boston area.

Important note: To avoid potential conflicts, always ensure your host welcomes cannabis use outside of their listings. Ask your host to confirm their cannabis policies beyond a shadow of a doubt, and be sure to get details on where you may consume cannabis products.

1. Hurdle Hill Farms, Wenham, MA

If you want to stay out in the countryside without getting too far away from the city, Hurdle Hill Farm may be your best bet. It’s a gorgeous old farmhouse boasting fourteen acres of immaculately-kept grounds in tranquil seclusion that can be hard to find in any metro area. Smoking is only allowed outside of the house on the grounds. This location has a charming and rustic atmosphere, with beautiful fields, a garden, a pond, a gazebo, and an old-fashioned barn. There is plenty of alluring. The house itself is about 6000 square feet, and can house the whole family with room to spare. It even includes a study for those book lovers.

2. Downtown Boston Oasis

Finding a private, comfortable, 420-friendly place to be in downtown Boston can be a challenge, let alone finding a four bedroom house complete with backyard. The downtown Boston Oasis combines comfort and proximity to the city, for an ideal 420-friendly urban experience. Lounge by the firepit or use it as 420 home base for adventures in the city. Like most Airbnbs in the area, smoking is only allowed outside. The downtown Boston oasis is incredibly walkable, and is within blocks of shopping outlets and dining options

3. Private 420 Friendly Refuge, Holden, MA

Sometimes you need to get away to somewhere secluded, peaceful, quiet, and contemplative. A place where you can enjoy your cannabis in peace and comfort. This Airbnb host describes their listing as a “think tank,” but don’t be fooled. The house can be rented all to yourself, and includes two bedrooms, a desk to work at, a patio, and everything you need to cook a good breakfast. The property borders a pond and wetland habitat, which adds to the location’s serenity. Enjoy some 420-friendly quiet time at the think tank.

4. Big City Retreat

This third floor apartment is an urban getaway perfect for larger groups. It has eight beds in five bedrooms, as well as two bathrooms. The design is vibrant and modern, from its floorplan to the tasteful wall art. Smoking is allowed outside on the balcony. It’s a short trip into the thick of downtown and the South Boston neighborhoods, but there is plenty at your fingertips within walking distance to explore.  

5. A Chill Layover in Boston

A long day of travel deserves a relaxing end. You don’t want to have to run all around town to collect the 420 necessaries after a long flight. Luckily, this low key layover is conveniently located near Boston Logan International Airport, as well as places to stock up on flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. In one fell swoop you can go to Happy Valley’s nearby storefront, pick up your cannabis products, and make it back to the room in time to vibe and unwind for the rest of the night. 

6. Harvard’s Historic Dollhouse

This Queen Anne Victorian is a page torn from time circa the 1850’s. This Airbnb sports many of the original installations, and remains a beautifully-preserved slice of American history, but with a modern flair. The real selling point on the Dollhouse is its historic surroundings. Buildings and monuments dating back to the founding of the United States are scattered throughout the area. Nearby, the legendary Freedom Trail passes, as does the famous Freedom Trail Tour. Smoking is allowed on the secluded deck only, and it is a shared space, so it will suit the needs of some travelers more than others. But this is a unique place for sightseeing and exploring the city.

7. Easy Going in Boston

A modest, affordable stay is what many cannabis connoisseurs prefer, as opposed to the trappings of luxury some other travelers go for. The most important thing, afterall, is that smoking is allowed outside in the fully fenced, enclosed backyard. No privacy concerns here. This location is minutes away from public transit, you can get around the city with ease. Easily access downtown, the airport, and historic Boston landmarks.

Experience the Best Cannabis in Boston

Be sure to keep up to date on local cannabis laws and regulations, and ask your hosts about the legality of consuming cannabis at their location. When in doubt, always ensure cannabis consumption is permitted at your Airbnb. If you’re looking to learn more about cannabis in the greater Boston area, be sure to visit our resources page for insights on cannabis legality and tourism. If you’re traveling to (our through) Boston in the near future, be sure to visit our East Boston dispensary, conveniently located one mile from the Boston Logan International Airport. If you need help finding the products that are right for you, our expert hosts are available to guide you to your best possible cannabis experience.

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