Weed Friendly Cruises: Fact or Fiction?

When you think about cruising, it becomes clear that this type of low-key, high-vibes vacation is a cannabis connoisseur’s dream. You don’t have to drive, there are round-the-clock buffets, and a bunch of activities to partake in – usually including mini golf, comedy shows, trivia, and poolside events. 

Though a majority of states in the U.S. are adopting cannabis friendly legislation, the idea of a weed friendly cruise is not as straightforward as you’d think, as almost all cruise ships do not sail under the laws of the specific state they leave from or get a pass from sailing through “international waters”. 

Check out Happy Valley’s FAQ below before booking your next vacation at sea.

Can you bring weed on a cruise?

The safest bet and simplest answer is a resounding no. Even if you are leaving from a state where weed is legal – cruise ship operators often follow U.S. Federal Regulations and require passengers to agree to a strict Ticket Contract, which explicitly states cannabis is not allowed on board at any time. 

Making it critical to not bring weed on a cruise until Federal Law fully legalizes cannabis.

Until then, leave the bud at home and seek out an unofficial cannabis cruise route that happens to stop in locations where flower is legal. Just be sure you do not purchase more than you plan to consume, as you will not be able to bring any remaining cannabis products or paraphernalia back on the ship with you as a souvenir. 

Can I consume cannabis while visiting a port of call?

Many ports of call have caught onto the demand for cannabis by cruise goers and have opened dispensaries within walking distance from the docks of major cruise lines. 

For example, if you’re leaving on a cruise from Flynn Cruiseport in Boston, MA, you can easily take a rideshare to Happy Valley – East Boston to procure herbal refreshments to enjoy before setting sail – along with selecting a route from this port that stops at destinations where you can disembark and embark on an elevated cannabis experience.  

Meaning cruising can technically still be considered one of the best 420-friendly vacation ideas. As long as you research your destinations ahead of time to ensure it is legal to consume cannabis and that there are dispensaries located near the ports of call on your selected route. 

Can you bring weed on a cruise if you have a medical marijuana card?

Unfortunately, no. Even if you have a medical marijuana card and leave from a state where cannabis is legal, it is not legal for any individual to be in possession of it while on a cruise ship. Making it critical to consult your doctor to obtain a suitable alternative for while you’re at sea.

Can you bring a vape on a cruise ship?

You may be wondering, “can you take vapes on a cruise?” or “can you vape on a cruise ship?” if you’re trying to find a sneaky way of bringing your flower along for the ride.

Though you are able to bring vape pens and disposable vape pens with you on a cruise, it is not currently legal to bring any form of cannabis products or paraphernalia with you. 

Further noting that smoking of any kind is typically prohibited onboard, except for designated sections, such as a casino or select outdoor area. Which means smoking is also not allowed anywhere on the ship outside of these zones – including private balconies or state rooms. 

Can you take edibles on a cruise?

As U.S. Federal Regulations currently stand, it is not legal to bring edibles on a cruise or any other type of cannabis product on board, including:

  • THC / CBD products 
  • Medical marijuana
  • Paraphernalia

Though it may be tempting to try to sneak cannabis edibles on a cruise, the current risk highly outweighs the reward.

Flying with Edibles: Everything You Should Know

Can you bring CBD on a cruise?

As mentioned previously, no cannabis products or paraphernalia are currently allowed on board cruise ships. This includes CBD products, which means you should opt out of bringing your CBD-infused lotions, potions, or potables to ensure they are not confiscated and that you avoid facing any repercussions from the cruise line or local authorities.

Do you get searched on a cruise for cannabis?

Although it is unlikely that you will be searched while on a cruise, it is possible that you may be during the boarding and debarkation process, as cruise terminal facilities are Federally owned and are not operated by cruise lines. Which also means that it is common for there to be drug sniffing dogs present to conduct searches of yourself and belongings during this time. 

Though you may be more likely to have your cannabis products confiscated within a cruise terminal than while on board., it has become more common for cruise lines to hire their own on-board drug sniffing dogs, to complete cabin searches, and to amp up security to combat behavior that does not align with Federal regulations while at sea.

What happens if you’re caught with weed on a cruise?

Considering that being caught smoking in undesignated areas can result in fines and/or removal from the ship., it’s important to know that being caught with or consuming cannabis on a cruise could likely lead to even more severe consequences for yourself and potentially each person in your cabin, including:

  • Fines
  • Arrest
  • Prosecution
  • Confiscation 
  • Removal from the ship
  • Denied entry to the ship
  • Banned from future cruises
  • Reported to local authorities
  • Reported to customs authorities

So, if you’re still daydreaming about cannabis on the high seas and how to get away with smoking on a cruise ship: don’t do it until it has become legalized Federally. 


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