Beverage Battle: THC Seltzer vs. CBD Seltzer vs. Hard Seltzer

With the ready-to-drink industry booming with buzzy new beverages everyday, it’s time to get to the bottom of the trend and determine what the difference between each alternative seltzer really is. Focusing specifically on THC seltzer, CBD seltzer, and hard seltzer for good measure. 

Breaking down some key elements of each to help you decide on your ideal recreational beverage for the summer season and beyond.

THC Seltzer

What is THC Seltzer? 

THC Seltzer is a ready-to-drink cannabis infused beverage. Often referred to as “liquid edibles” – THC infused seltzers can provide you with the feeling of being high. While also quenching your thirst!

Though THC seltzers are often seen as a recreational beverage similar to hard seltzer. In actuality, they can elevate any experience for a longer period of time than alcohol – without the subsequent hangover or adverse side effects. Promising a peak two to four hours after ingestion.

Is there alcohol in THC Seltzer?

THC seltzers come in a variety of refreshing flavors and THC levels, but do not contain alcohol due to laws surrounding the prohibition of cannabis products in alcohol until Federally legal

Though THC seltzer has been viewed as a potential alternative to alcohol and quickly became the buzz of choice during Dry January. It is important to understand that it does contain Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main intoxicating ingredient of THC, which can produce the sensation of euphoria or feeling high. 

Making it important to consume THC beverages responsibly to avoid overconsumption

Where can I buy THC Seltzer?

If you’re already looking up “where to buy THC seltzer” or “how to buy THC seltzer online”, you’re in luck… unless you live in a state where cannabis is illegal. 

Many dispensaries and online stores sell THC seltzers, so it can be relatively easy to come by if you live in a cannabis-friendly state. Be sure to check your local laws before purchasing or being in possession of THC products. 

If you happen to be in Massachusetts near East Boston or Gloucester, visit Happy Valley’s trusty budtenders to pick up some THC seltzers, premium cannabis, and more. 

How long does THC seltzer stay in your system?

Does THC seltzer get you high? Absolutely. So, it is important to consider how long the THC will stay in your system after enjoying it – which could be up to 90 days after consumption. Making it important to reconsider cracking open a can of THC seltzer if you’re anticipating an upcoming drug test from work or other programs. 

CBD Seltzer

What are CBD drinks?

CBD seltzers (AKA “drinkables”) are made up of a sparkling water base infused with CBD and are intended to help you relax or “take the edge off” without feeling intoxicated. Creating crisp and refreshing hemp derived CBD drinks that can be sipped at home or at a party for a tranquil treat – as long as CBD is legal within your respective state

Adding that CBD infused seltzer has quickly become one of the most popular non alcoholic drinks to bring to a party – for good reason, we might add. 

Does CBD seltzer have alcohol?

CBD is currently not permitted in alcoholic beverages – making the idea of a “CBD infused hard seltzer” somewhat of a myth until it becomes legal Federally.

If you do find yourself thinking about CBD seltzer effects and wondering, “Does CBD seltzer get you high?” – the answer is no and you should opt for a THC seltzer if you’re interested in an elevated sensation or traditional high.

Where can I buy CBD drinks?

CBD Beverages are surprisingly simple to come by. From gas stations and markets to smoke shops and dispensaries, getting your hands on CBD seltzers can likely be done with little to no effort and a quick online search. 

Hard Seltzer 

What is hard seltzer? 

Hard seltzers are ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages with a sparkling water base and natural flavoring. Ranging from sweet and tangy to floral and citrus-forward flavors, there are many types of hard seltzer styles and a range of ABV levels to choose. From whiskey to tequila, there is likely a version of hard seltzer that appeals to most “spirit and soda” drinkers.

What kind of alcohol is in hard seltzer?

Hard seltzer is typically created using a form of sugar cane-derived alcohol to create a clean flavor. Though many brands have begun exploring more specialized directions with “tequila seltzer” or “whiskey soda” hard sparkling beverages. 

Noting that part of the original appeal is that hard seltzer alcohol content tends to be on the lower side – ranging between 4%-8% alcohol by volume (ABV). 

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