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As the 2023 holiday season approaches, plenty of cannabis consumers in the United States are planning ahead for the long weekend with family and friends, and not just in the kitchen. According to a poll by Branded Research and published in High Times, nearly one-third of U.S. cannabis users expect to increase their cannabis consumption over the holidays. 

For cannabis consumers traveling to chillier regions for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, cold weather and hazardous driving conditions often means stocking up on cannabis in preparation for a long and potentially stressful weekend with limited opportunities to replenish their stashes. 

The combination of inclement travel conditions, Thanksgiving feasts, and time with relatives has given rise to one of the biggest cannabis shopping days of the year: Green Wednesday. This newly-established shopping day is second only to 4/20 for cannabis sales, and is quickly becoming one of the best days of the year to get exclusive deals on flower, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and more.

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday, or the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, is quickly emerging as the unofficial shopping holiday for cannabis consumers nationwide. In fact, data notes that cannabis sales on the day prior to Thanksgiving was 60% higher than the average daily sale day in the month of November. This uptick in cannabis sales increases each year as more states legalize both medical and recreational cannabis for adult consumption.

New cannabis products released on Green Wednesday

To capitalize on the massive increase in cannabis purchases that precede the Thanksgiving holiday, many dispensaries use Green Wednesday as an opportunity to launch new cultivars, promote new items, and encourage cannabis consumers to stock up with discounts on everything from flower and cartridges to edibles and topicals. Be sure to also check out the latest flavors of Happy Valley’s Hitmaker Disposable Vape Pens.

Cannabis deals on Green Wednesday

For cannabis consumers who want to replenish their cannabis supply ahead of the long weekend, Green Wednesday is the best day to get cannabis deals.

In many cases, Green Wednesday is the first day in a long weekend of discounts and deals for cannabis. Most dispensaries will have specials on cannabis products that extend into the following week with fresh discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Despite the extended cost-saving options later in the week, cannabis users do most of their shopping the day before the holiday.

According to data from Headset, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving can have up to a 40% increase in sales as compared to the previous four Wednesdays. The same report noted that these deal-savvy shoppers took advantage of average discounts of around 13% on Green Wednesday. By comparison, the standard dispensary shopping day discounts hover around 11%, meaning shoppers will enjoy a 14% discount increase if they choose to shop on the day before Thanksgiving.

What to buy on Green Wednesday

What you buy on Green Wednesday depends on your preferred experience. Generally speaking, the most popular items for the holiday weekend are items that are relatively odorless and can be consumed discreetly. You may find better deals on gift-worthy items like topicals later in the holiday weekend. 

When shopping in your local dispensary on Green Wednesday, keep an eye out for deals on:

  1. New cultivars: Dispensaries often use the increase in store traffic on Green Wednesday as an opportunity to launch new cultivars and products. Green Wednesday can be a great opportunity to stock up on new selections you might not have tried before.
  2. THC-infused beverages: According to data from Headset, cannabis beverages have the biggest uptick in sales in the days prior to Thanksgiving at an estimated 93% increase. For consumers planning on spending time around family that may not be cannabis-friendly, THC- and CBD-infused beverages are ideal for keeping your cannabis consumption discreet during the long weekend.
  3. Edibles: Cannabis edibles are also a popular cannabis category for the holiday weekend since they don’t produce a distinctive odor when consumed. For consumers who want to keep a low profile over the long weekend, edibles are a great way to save while stocking up.
  4. Topicals: Cannabis-infused topicals like oils and lotions are not only great for personal use, but make for excellent gifts. Green Wednesday is often a great day to get great deals on topicals, but you might find even better deals if you wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday when dispensaries are promoting items for holiday shoppers.

How to Get Great Deals on Green Wednesday

Most states, including Massachusetts, only offer discounts for medical use (that is, anyone who uses cannabis for medical purposes) so consider your eligibility before deciding what to buy.

If you’re a recreational user, your best bet for deals is to take advantage of members-only perks and accrue points. If you’re a medical cannabis user, you may be able to apply additional discounts when visiting a new dispensary. These tips will help you get the best deals from your holiday cannabis shopping:

  1. Use your Rewards Points: If you stay near home for the holidays, and you have a favorite local dispensary, stocking up on points can be a great way to enjoy members-only perks. You may even be able to get cannabis items like pre-rolls as a bonus if with enough points, so consider how your cannabis purchases leading up to the holiday can help you get more cannabis.
  2. Sign up and save: If you’re traveling for the holiday, your best bet for Green Wednesday deals is to research products ahead of time. Most dispensaries allow customers to sign up for exclusive deals and members-only perks, so download any available apps and subscribe for local dispensaries’ newsletters or text messages before the holiday. That way, you can compare deals and determine which dispensaries you can visit for cannabis products.
  3. Take advantage of “new patient” deals on medical cannabis: In Massachusetts, only medical patients are eligible for discounts on cannabis. If you have a medical card, you can get even deeper discounts during the holidays by taking advantage of “new patient” deals. Some dispensary deals offer a percentage off an entire order for new patients, including Happy Valley. Others offer new patient deals like buy-one-buy-one or bulk-buy deals on flower, cartridges, and edibles. 
  4. Extend your shopping: Though the day before Thanksgiving is a great day for deals on cannabis, most dispensaries will extend their holiday discounts through the weekend and even into the following week. If you miss the discounts you want on the day before Thanksgiving, keep an eye out for discounts scheduled for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, you might even find better Black Friday deals on popular, gift-worthy purchases like topicals.

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