Hitmaker is the perfect fusion of technology and art — the ultimate disposable vaping experience. Matching our meticulously created live vape oil to the most advanced vape hardware on the market gives you the truest to cultivar flavor and experience. Formulated using our proprietary terpene extraction methods, Hitmaker is available in a wide variety of your favorite Happy Valley cultivars.


Vape Blends

Happy Valley vape blends are created from ultra-refined distillate oil and a blend of  live terpenes extracted from multiple fresh plants using our proprietary extraction method.


Lime Wire

Lime Wire blasts your senses with freshly zested lime. Pungent and undeniably crisp, this vape flavor shows off sour and floral notes on the top, rounded out with skunky base notes. Download a hit of this one into your brain and see how loud it can get.

Limoncello Haze

The Limoncello Haze vape is an intensely citrus-forward flavor, characterized by lemon and tangerine. This is complimented by notes of fresh pine and asiago cheese. Terpinolene dominant, this vape profile is sharp and complex, but sweet on the finish like a digestif.


Grape lovers rejoice! Fresh off the vine, this blend is fruit-forward and juicy. A luscious mix of concord grapes, berries, and stone fruit meld together to create a profile that is so fruity it almost seems artificial. This is a rare beta-ocimene dominant terpene profile, and its complexity delivers a unique flavor experience that harkens back to our beloved Grape Diamonds. Relax and vape this grape fresh off the vine!

Tropical Daze

Tropical Daze captures a zesty, sour snapshot of tropical fruit enveloped in a layer of herbaceous spice. Passionfruit and pineapple meld with a skunky chemical spice that shakes the senses and warms the palette. This blend is a beta-caryophyllene dominant terpene profile, which manifests as the spice that strikes balance with the sour fruit, differentiating this original blend from other citrus profiles offered on our vape menu. Brighten up your daze with this citrusy tropical blaze!

Mellow Head 1:1

Mellow Head is a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio with a revamped take on its flavor. While Crescendo Temple remains the dominant terpene profile in this blend, it has been brightened up with whispers of clementine citrus and sweet bread. True to its name, this blend’s flavor and effect are mellow and pleasant. The balanced ratio of CBD to THC helps even out some undesirable effects of THC like anxiety, and ease tension. Perfect for socializing, walks in the sunshine, vinyl records and pancakes, any just about anything else with a mellow vibe.

Cake Walk

Cake Walk is the perfect union of overlapping flavors that reveal themselves layer by layer, like gently folding butter into dough. Lusciously creamy, nutty, and sweet, with hints of honeydew rind in the background. The essence of freshly baked pastries melds with a peppery tingle that leaves a warm and buttery sensation on the exhale. This rare blend is a limited release, so treat yourself to a little dessert before dinner and grab it before it’s gone.

Everglade OG

Experience the natural beauty of the Everglades with our signature “Everglade OG” cannabis vape oil. This carefully crafted extract offers a harmonious blend of flavors that transport your senses to a serene, earthy oasis. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of sweet earth, floral kush, and a touch of light vanilla that will elevate your vaping experience to new heights.

Sour Berry Breeze

Ahhhh, the flavor of sunshine. Sour Berry Breeze hits the palette with sour tropical fruit first, then glides off the tongue with a smooth, herbaceous accent. Kiwi, passionfruit, and raspberries join together to form a harmony not unlike the flavor of sweet tarts. As a beta-myrcene & caryophyllene dominant blend, it encourages relaxation and is a perfect complement to a sunny day in the Bay State.

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