Cannabis Packaging Matters: Glass vs. Plastic [Infographic]

Cannabis Packaging Matters: Glass vs. Plastic [Infographic]

The main purpose of cannabis packaging is to protect and enhance the quality of the product. For flower, this means packaging should ensure the cannabis is neither damp nor dry, free from mold, particulates and contaminants, and appropriately flavored and potent. Inappropriate containers can lead to stale flower, which is less pleasant to consume and may lack the potency it had when cured properly.

While distributors have long delivered flower in plastic containers, glass is a much better way to maintain the potency, flavor and longevity of your cannabis products. Glass cannabis packaging ensures a higher quality product and better user experience. Plastic containers are prevalent, but they can lead to leaching chemicals, dried out products, and improper storage. 

Plastic vs. Glass Cannabis Packaging

Plastic cannabis packaging is not designed for long-term storage. When cannabis flower is exposed to air and light, the THC oxidizes and degrades, creating more CBN. CBN contributes to the sleepy feeling some people get when using cannabis, as opposed to the cerebral effects of THC. A better option for cannabis packaging is something that is airtight, protected from UV rays (or stored in a dark area) and without chemicals that can affect the taste or aroma of cannabis. 

Some benefits of glass cannabis packaging include:

  • Airtight
  • Chemical-free
  • Easily recyclable
  • Keeps cannabis fresh longer
  • Deters mold growth on cannabis

For more information on the differences between glass and plastic containers, please see the infographic below.

Cannabis Packaging: Glass vs Plastic infographic

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