Vendor Feature: Witch DR Glassblowing Studio

A new art form has surged in the past decade or so. Though glassblowing has been a practice for over 2,000 years, the evolving cannabis market has driven demand for innovation. Glassblowing can produce traditional cannabis pipes, custom dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, chillums, steamrollers, accessories and far beyond. 

Glassblowing combines utility with artistry. Salem’s own Witch DR Glassblowing Studio is a company that takes that artistry to the next level.

Who is Witch DR?

Witch DR’s studio has been a glassblowing staple of New England since 2012. They are a family-owned and -operated studio in downtown Salem, Massachusetts with a tremendous selection of hand-made glass pipes, smoking and vaping accessories, CBD products and anything you could need to enhance your cannabis experience. 

Additionally, it’s one of the only places in New England where customers can see the glassblowing in real-time. Witch DR creates their products in front of you while you shop. 

Witness their artistry in action:

Witch DR’s Glassblowing studio

Witch DR's Glassblowing StudioWitch DR’s brick-and-mortar studio is located at 109 Lafayette Street in downtown Salem. This studio can be identified by the elephant mural on the side of the building and distinctive logo. Street parking is free, and the building is wheelchair accessible.

One-of-a-kind glass pipes:

Forget your run-of-the-mill cannabis pipes found at head shops. Witch DR creates extraordinary pipes that are sure to impress and inspire:

Fume Hammer Pipes Witch DR
5″ Color Fume Hammer Pipe by Witch DR Studio


4" Glass Dry Pipe Doctober Classic Betula Birch JACK (A11) by Witch DR Studio
4″ Glass Dry Pipe Doctober Classic Betula Birch JACK (A11) by Witch DR Studio
FF730 (Y) 4" Worked Fume Cap Stand Sherlock by Witch DR Studio
FF730 (Y) 4″ Worked Fume Cap Stand Sherlock by Witch DR Studio

These are only a few of the unique pipes found at Witch DR. For more, be sure to check out their entire selection at the shop, or online.

Featured glass artists:

Witch DR Glassblowing Studio features glass products from several prominent glass artists from New England. Each of these artists have a distinct style and unique approach to glassblowing:

Bob Snodgrass:

This Grateful Dead megafan is credited with inventing color-changing glass, and is a true pioneer of glassblowing. His works are decidedly macabre, featuring plenty of skulls and warped angles. His pieces are one of a kind, and are in extreme demand.

Bob Snodgrass Clown MR Happy #1 Snodgrass Family Glass
Bob Snodgrass Clown MR Happy #1 Snodgrass Family Glass
Bob Snodgrass Skull Marble (A) SFG2
Bob Snodgrass Skull Marble (A) SFG2

Bob Snodgrass is a prominent feature of the 2011 documentary about glassblowing, “Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes.” He also founded the Eugene Glass School, and his extensive works can be found in his online gallery.

Evan Shore:

This Philadelphia-based glass artist specializes in “bangers,” which are tubular adaptors for dab rings. Evan shore specializes in elegant quartz and glass bangers, and has a special appreciation for the Fibonacci spiral.

Evan Shore XL Banger 10mm Female 90 Degree 25mm Bucket
Evan Shore XL Banger 10mm Female 90 Degree 25mm Bucket
Evan Shore 10mm Female 90 Degree Quartz Banger
Evan Shore 10mm Female 90 Degree Quartz Banger

You can see more of Evan Shore’s work in action on Instagram or in the Witch DR online shop.


Since 1995, Alex Grey (also known as Banjo) has brought his unique brand of intricate psychedelia to glassblowing. His pieces depict a wide range of subjects, from throned deities to Star Wars characters.

10mm 8" Banjo Glass "Little Devi" #9 Zen & Serum
10mm 8″ Banjo Glass “Little Devi” #9 Zen & Serum

Find more of Banjo’s work on Instagram or on his website.

Other products at Witch DR:

The Gallery at Witch DR

Inside the studio, you’ll find a mind-blowing selection of premium glass products and accessories. From baroque to the minimalist, gorgeous to the grotesque, you’re sure to find a piece that suits your fancy.

Witch DR’s catalogue of premium products include:

  • Glass pipes:
    • Hand pipes
    • Glass bubblers
    • One hitters and chillums
    • Glass steamroller pipes
    • Heady glass pipes
  • Bongs:
    • Affordable bongs
    • Scientific bongs
    • Heady bongs
  • Dab rigs
  • Quartz nails:
    • 10mm male 45-degree quartz nails
    • 10mm male 90-degree quartz nails
    • 10mm female 45-degree quartz nails
    • 10mm female 90-degree quartz nails
    • 11mm female 90-degree quartz nails
    • 12mm male 90-degree quartz nails
    • 14mm female 45-degree quartz nails
    • 14mm male 90-degree quartz nails
    • 14mm male 90-degree quartz nails
    • 14mm male 45-degree quartz nails
    • 18mm male 90-degree quartz nails
    • Buckets and quartz swings
    • Quartz inserts

Witch DR Glass Blowing Gallery:

Side view of witch DR's glass blowing gallery

Looking to see Witch DR’s works in person? Their 2000-square-foot gallery boasts the largest collection of functional glass art in New England. 

The Witch DR gallery features:

  • Exhibitions from top glass artists
  • Performances from local artists across media
  • Live music
  • Community events

The Witch DR gallery is available to rent for private events.

Witch DR Glass at Happy Valley:

Happy Valley is proud to carry pieces from Witch DR at our Gloucester and East Boston dispensaries. Be sure to peruse their outstanding glassware in our shops, and support the Massachusetts cannabis industry in any way you can.

“Witch Dr. is a local vendor in Salem, Massachusetts, yet they are also the fourth largest glass vendor in the US—both in artisanal, high-end custom, and production glass. Working with a local vendor helps keep dollars in the local Northshore community and customers of Happy Valley love the connection and ability to purchase in Gloucester and East Boston” 

– John Hugo, Retail GM

Check out our supply of Witch DR pieces at either of our locations, or swing by their studio yourself to witness its glory.

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