Good Weed vs Bad Weed [Infographic]

Over 40 states and D.C. have passed some type of legislation decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis. This means that consumers now have unprecedented access to cannabis and are taking steps to learn more about it, including how to tell if weed is bad.

Low quality or bad weed poses a serious health risk. It could be contaminated with microbes (molds or bacteria), chemicals (pesticides), and even metals, according to Environmental Health Perspectives. Vetting your dispensary is now a necessary step in the cannabis consumer’s journey. What certifications do they have? Are their products tested by an independent lab? Do they use pesticides? This information should be available on their website, product packaging, and available on request. 

So, what does good weed look like? In the infographic below, we share some tips on what to look for and also examine good weed vs. bad weed to help you avoid the pitfalls of consuming low quality cannabis.

good weed versus bad weed infographic

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