CLASSIC vs. SELECT Cannabis at Happy Valley

No two cannabis cultivars are identical, and every cultivar creates a distinct experience. At Happy Valley, we distinguish our cannabis into CLASSIC and SELECT tiers based on a few key characteristics. From familiar cannabis “household names” to boutique, designer cultivars, our dispensaries provide premium cannabis and experiences for Adult Use and Medical Use.

This is what separates CLASSIC cannabis and SELECT cannabis at Happy Valley dispensaries:

CLASSIC vs. SELECT Cannabis at Happy Valley

CLASSIC Cultivars:

Though we are selective with all cultivars, our CLASSIC menu offers cultivars that are considered staples within the cannabis industry. Some of our CLASSIC cultivars include:

  • Jasmine Silver Haze
  • Mandarin Cookies
  • T. SAGE

You will probably find familiar, popular cultivars on our CLASSIC menu. Some industry standard cultivars we carry include At a glance, these cultivars are:

  • Popular mainstream cultivars
  • Highly available on the market
  • Familiar in appearance, aroma, and experience
  • A Happy Valley staple or core genetic

SELECT Cultivars:

Our SELECT menu has carefully-selected cultivars with much newer genetics. SELECT cultivars are supplied by the best, most reputable breeders in the cannabis industry. Some of our SELECT cultivars include:

  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Dog Patch
  • GMO Zkittlez
  • Grape Diamonds
  • Pie Face MAC
  • Peanut Butter Breath
  • White Wedding

The SELECT menu has designer cultivars you might not have heard of. At a glance, these cultivars are:

  • Cultivated with newer genetics from the finest breeders
  • Rare, boutique, and exclusive cultivars
  • Richer in color, aroma, and experience


Cultivar CharacteristicsCLASSICSELECT
Well-established in the cannabis industry
High market availability
Newer genetics from the finest breeders
Rare, exotic, and boutique
High variability in color
Highly aromatic
High trichome and resin content
Dense flower and buds
Vibrant appearance
High flower-to-leaf ratio
Vigorous in yield
Readily cloneable 


Happy Valley Exclusives:

The following cultivars are completely exclusive to Happy Valley, and you won’t find them at any other dispensary:

  • Crescendo Temple
  • White Wedding
  • Lime OG
  • Pie Face Mac


The Right Cultivar for You:

No two cultivars are identical, and no two people react to cannabis cultivars the same way. Our hosts can help you select a cultivar that best matches your desired experience. No matter what experience level you have with cannabis, our expert hosts can guide your selection for the most enjoyable experience possible.


Visit a Happy Valley Dispensary Near You

If you see a cultivar on our CLASSIC or SELECT menus that appeal to you, be sure to stop by one of our dispensaries. We have recreational and medical dispensaries in Gloucester and East Boston, and our hosts are happy to help you find the best cultivar for you.

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