Recreational Cannabis FAQ

Cannabis in Massachusetts is a very new phenomenon. Medical cannabis (Medical Use) has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012 and recreational cannabis (Adult Use) sales didn’t start until December of 2018. With the relative newness of the Massachusetts cannabis market, there are plenty of common questions that need to be addressed.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Happy Valley’s dispensaries and cannabis in Massachusetts.

Recreational Cannabis FAQ

Recreational Cannabis FAQ

Can I drive with cannabis in my car?

Yes, provided it is within the legal purchasing limits and you are transporting the product and not consuming it. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal, dangerous, and can result in a DUI. Here’s everything you need to know about driving with cannabis in Massachusetts.

How much recreational cannabis can I carry at a time?

You can carry up to one ounce of cannabis at a time for recreational use. Possessing more than one ounce may result in a misdemeanor charge, six months of incarceration, and a maximum fine of $500 for the first offense. 

Is Happy Valley open for recreational cannabis sales?

Happy Valley offers recreational cannabis and medical cannabis at all of our locations. To buy recreational cannabis from Happy Valley, you must be 21 or older and present a valid ID.

Is it legal to grow my own recreational cannabis in Massachusetts

It is legal to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home as an individual, and up to twelve for a house with two or more adults. Possessing more than ten ounces of cannabis in your home at any time is illegal. If you have more than one ounce of cannabis in your house, it must be locked away.

What does “Adult Use” Mean?

Under Massachusetts law, adults 21 and over will be permitted to purchase marijuana products at licensed dispensaries. Similar programs in other states are sometimes referred to as recreational sales. The law was approved by Massachusetts voters in November 2016 and the Cannabis Control Commission is in the process of licensing eligible facilities to serve Adult Use consumers.

What is the difference between cannabis and marijuana?

These words are synonymous. “Cannabis” is the proper term used by scientists and industry professionals , whereas marijuana is a slang term associated with the prohibition of cannabis products in the 1930s. 

What’s the difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis?

Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are grown in the same manner. What separates these products is their use. Medical Use minimizes the symptoms of several conditions or diseases, and reduces symptoms of conditions and diseases, while Adult Use is for recreation.

Where can I use recreational cannabis in Massachusetts?

Using cannabis in any form is illegal on public or federal land. Smoking, vaping, tinctures, and edibles are not allowed in public.

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