Research and Development: The Science Behind Premium Cannabis


Though cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years, cannabis research is very young. The legally complicated status of cannabis makes federal research a challenge. As more states legalize medical and recreational cannabis use, cannabis research has led to exciting innovations in crop production, cultivation, extraction, and a deeper understanding of how cannabis interacts with humans.

Genomic mapping research lab:

Happy Valley is pioneering cannabis science by constructing a state of the art research lab and breeding program at our Newburyport, MA facility and corporate headquarters. We’ll be studying specific cannabis genetic markers and chemotype traits to create new cultivars and products.

Mapping the genome of cannabis enhances our understanding of the intricate interactions between cannabis and humans, and sets the stage for future innovation.

Lab tested with accurate dosage

As cannabis cultivation becomes more sophisticated, we have new ways to evaluate product quality and establish exact dosage. Cannabis should be lab tested for the safety of human consumption, and to ensure the quality of the cannabis. Potency varies greatly in cannabis, and accurate dosage is absolutely prerequisite to optimize your cannabis experience. To promote the best possible experience for our customers, we enforce strict quality control on every product we create.

Genetic markers and chemotype traits

In the past decades, the research into the genomic structure of cannabis has seen tremendous growth, which gives us deeper insights into cannabis cultivation, and the complex ways cannabinoids interact with the human body.

Studying chemotypes (also known as chemical phenotypes) in cannabis allows us to classify the distinct traits and effects of cannabis. Our attention to a chemotype traits allows us to create innovative products with very specific effects. 

Terpene production

Terpenes contribute to the distinct character of each strain of cannabis, and have a huge effect on your experience. These aromatic compounds are responsible for the unique scent of each strain, and can be combined to create completely original cannabis moods and experiences.

Our terpene production methods are backed by science to get the maximum terpene yields. Happy Valley is a pioneer in the field of terpene extraction, production, and cultivation.

Solventless extraction

Increased demand for concentrates and cannabis extracts has led to innovation. While many cannabis producers use chemical and organic solvents to produce concentrates like butane, ethanol, propane, and CO2. These chemicals can leave harmful residuals, with uncertain effects. Happy Valley uses solventless extraction methods for a higher quality extracts, with no solvent residuals.

The Importance of cannabis research and development

The research and development of cannabis unlocks a world of possibilities for recreational and medical cannabis users. Strenuous cannabis science provides insights into biology, chemistry, and the human mind.

Organic chemist Raphael Mechoulam first researched cannabis in 1963, which led to the discovery of THC and CBD. From his groundbreaking studies in the chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids, Dr. Mechoulam opened the door to a world of cannabis research.

Dr. Mechoulam’s research on cannabis led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in 1992. The endocannabinoid system is a biological system present in nearly all vertebrae, and has an enormous influence on homeostasis, memory, appetite, balance, metabolism, stress responses, and sleep.

Since then,  over 20,000 licensed cannabis users treat conditions like Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, Tourette’s syndrome, inflammation, and beyond. In a major step forward for cannabis, the FDA approved CBD for the treatment of severe seizures in June of 2018.

At Happy Valley, research and development empowers us to give our customers the absolute best experience and the highest quality products. As a leader in advanced cultivation techniques and good manufacturing practices (GMP), Happy Valley is uniquely qualified to deliver consistent quality, rare cultivars.

For more information about cannabis science, read The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Science.

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