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Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media, and have experienced exponential growth in the past years. According to data from Edison Research, podcast listeners averaged 9 hours a week in 2023. 

The same study found that 64% of Americans 12 or older listened to a podcast in 2023 — a sharp increase from 40% in 2017. As podcasts have grown in popularity, cannabis podcasts have filled a niche in educating and entertaining listeners about the nuances of the cannabis plant, cannabis industry, and products. 


Cannabis podcasts provide longform insights, expert opinions, and entertainment in a dynamic and unprecedented industry. The landscape of the cannabis industry changes rapidly, and is full of changing legislation, repealed laws, emerging markets, brand new cannabis products, with no shortage of groundbreaking research into the effects of cannabis on the body

Additionally, cannabis users are generally enthusiastic about cannabis, which creates a vibrant and thriving subculture. For these reasons and more, podcasting has become a preferred medium for cannabis enthusiasts looking to laugh, learn, or explore new investment options. 

Some additional reasons cannabis podcasts are rising in popularity include the following:

1. Sound Design

As a generally audio media experience, podcast producers have ample opportunity to experiment with sound design to create immersive experiences and pull listeners into their storytelling.

2. In-Depth Insights from Cannabis Experts

One of the most compelling aspects of podcasts as a medium is the lack of time restraints. Whereas a television spot or interview rarely lasts longer than a few minutes, a focused podcast gives experts, hosts, and listeners expansive sets of time to explore dynamic topics. Cannabis as an industry, scientific area of study, and cultural hub has seen dramatic changes in the past years, so there is no shortage of fascinating topics for exploration. 

3. Entertainment Value

Not all cannabis podcasts are about discovery and learning. Some cannabis users favor comedic content, and comedians have plenty of cannabis advocates in their ranks. From alternative comedy icons like Doug Benson and Tommy Chong, podcasts are a tremendous source of entertainment for cannabis users. 


In a world where it seems like everyone has a podcast – Happy Valley did the research for you to compile the ultimate list of the best cannabis podcasts of 2023. 

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1. Highly Objective

Highly Objective is the podcast for you if you’re interested in the cannabis industry from a highly analytical and business-oriented perspective. Featuring episodes by host Dai Truong that facilitate conversations with leading executives and investors in the cannabis industry to talk through the most pressing topics.

From wholesale processes and the cannabis marketplace to product innovations and B2B technology, this is not a pod to miss for those interested in learning more about the business side of the cannabis industry. 

Topics covered in the Highly Objective Podcast include:

  • Cannabis lifestyle brands
  • Go-to-market (GTM) strategies 
  • Cultivation operations 
  • Payment technology
  • Investor relations 
  • Cannabis e-commerce 
  • Brand partnerships 

Episodes of Highly Objective can be found on Spotify.

2. The People Are Blunt

The People Are Blunt focuses on BIPOC entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals within the cannabis industry to speak about topics such as social equity, challenges within cannabis, and exciting innovations. Celebrating all of the unique components that make cannabis culture personal. 

Join host Frederika McClary-Easley, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at The People’s Ecosystem, as she speaks with cannabis CEOs, community leaders, and other special guests to investigate the cannabis industry’s most intriguing topics. 

Topics covered on The People Are Blunt Podcast include:

  • Marketing around industry limitations 
  • Personal journeys with cannabis
  • Cannabis policies 
  • Community impact
  • Testing flower

Episodes of The People Are Blunt can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

3. Weed + Grub

Weed + Grub is the lighthearted, snack-oriented cannabis comedy podcast you’ve been waiting for. Hosted by Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson, Weed + Grub focuses on swapping tales about cannabis, comedy, and culture with the support of their special guests. Covering hard hitting topics like pizza toppings and internet friendships for their dedicated listeners. 

Topics covered on the Weed + Grub Podcast include:

  • Edibles
  • Wrestlemania
  • Pizza toppings 
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • Rolling paper preferences 
  • Popcorn trigonometry 
  • Popular television  

Episodes of Weed + Grub can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

4. Broccoli Talk

Broccoli Talk may only release episodes once a month but their cannabis content is definitely worth the wait. Focusing on elevated topics like cannabis skincare and international cannabis trends, be sure to indulge yourself in a listen.  

Co-hosted by Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, Broccoli Talk explores the world of cannabis by speaking with special guests in ultra-casual, BFF-style conversations.

Topics covered on the Broccoli Talk Podcast include:

  • Boutique growers
  • High fashion hemp
  • Trends in cannabis design
  • Upscale cannabis infused meals
  • Cannabis and spirituality 

Episodes of Broccoli Talk can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

5. Different Leaf: The Podcast

Different Leaf: The Podcast explores the rapidly-changing cannabis landscape in Massachusetts (where both adult use and medical use are now legal) and beyond. This podcast is hosted by Brit Smith, who takes a science-first approach to cannabis culture. Different Leaf: The Podcast features interviews with cannabis experts from a wide range of experts to explore cannabis’s relationship with human biology, the nuances of cultivation, shifting legislation, and cannabis culture. 

Topics covered in Different Leaf: The Podcast include:

  • Cannabis and genetic testing
  • Cannabis investing
  • Cannabis products going mainstream
  • Cannabis and sexuality
  • The Last Prisoner Project
  • Cannabis legislation on the ballot
  • Cannabis and anxiety
  • Cannabis celebrities
  • Edible cannabis
  • Cannabis jobs and the greater economy
  • The lasting effects of the war on drugs

These episodes occur bi-weekly on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and wherever most podcasts can be found.

6. From Pot to Popular

From Pot to Popular is a podcast that explores cannabis culture from the point of view of entrepreneurial, executive, financial, and journalistic professionals. This podcast is hosted by Rosie Mattio and focuses on the cultural, financial, and technological advancements that are moving cannabis from contraband to commonplace. Rosie Mattio is the founder of MATTIO Communications, and takes a deep dive on what it means to operate a cannabis business in an industry that changes by the hour.

Topics covered in From Pot to Popular include:

  • Sustainable hemp farming
  • The cannabis delivery economy
  • Building customer loyalty in the cannabis vertical
  • Cannabis investing
  • Building credibility in the cannabis market
  • Nuances of the legal cannabis market

These episodes can be found on Apple, Spotify, and wherever most podcasts can be found.

7. Shaping Fire

Shaping Fire is a long-running podcast that discusses the business of cannabis, while advocating for responsible cultivation and medical use for patients. This monthly (sometimes bi-weekly) podcast is hosted by Shango Los, a Washington State-based cannabis enthusiast and entrepreneur that focuses on innovation and ethical cultivation practices in the cannabis space.

As a result of his in-depth cannabis & industry knowledge, Shango is in demand as a speaker at cannabis conventions and academic events and universities. This podcast is for cannabis enthusiasts looking to take a particularly deep dive into the business of cannabis and the complex nuances therein.

Topics covered in Shaping Fire include:

  • Cannabis policies in different U.S. states
  • Cannabis advertising on social media
  • Cannabis history
  • Cannabis regulation and regulators
  • Economic opportunities for cannabis retailers
  • Cannabinoids and terpenoids
  • Topical cannabis products
  • CO2 cannabinoid extraction methods
  • Treatment of brain injury with cannabis

Episodes of Shaping Fire can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

8. Weedsday Wednesday!

Weedsday Wednesday! has been broadcast since August 2012, and is one of the longest-running cannabis podcasts in existence. This weekly weed podcast features breaking news, interviews with cannabis experts, reviews of cannabis cultivars, various product reviews, and in-depth information regarding medical use efficacy and practices.

Topics covered in Weedsday Wednesday! include:

  • Cannabis expert interviews
  • Cultivar reviews
  • Edible cannabis reviews
  • Cannabis prohibition history
  • Guides to cannabis legislation
  • Medical cannabis prescriptions

Episodes of Weedsday Wednesday! can be found on iHeartRadio and Apple Podcasts.

9. Cannabis Science Podcast

The Cannabis Science Podcast addresses important questions about cannabis products with a strong emphasis on scientific data from industry experts and academics. This cannabis podcast is hosted by Dr. Ricardo Rivera from the Department of Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia, and provides an in-depth, fascinating look into cannabis science from an expert’s perspective.

Topics covered in the Cannabis Science Podcast include:

  • Hydrocarbon extraction hazards
  • Environmental engineering for cannabis
  • Trichomes and terpenoids
  • Cannabis and the immune system
  • Cannabis, diet, and health
  • Cannabis decarboxylation
  • Solventless extraction methods
  • Cannabis and pregnancy
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Effects of chronic cannabis use

Episodes of Cannabis Science Podcast can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

10. Marijuana Today Podcast

Marijuana Today is a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into the complex relationship between the cannabis business and politics. Each week, hosts Ben Larson, Kris Lotlikar, and other cannabis experts discuss the latest developments in cannabis business news, politics, and public policy. This podcast delves into the often-overlooked nuances of the emerging cannabis industry and its political ramifications.

Topics covered in Marijuana Today include:

  • Cannabis and social equity programs
  • How home-growing affects the cannabis industry
  • Gender issues related to cannabis
  • Cannabis jobs and the greater economy
  • Federal cannabis law reform
  • State-level cannabis law reforms
  • Senate bills regarding cannabis
  • Cannabis-friendly governors, representatives, and senators
  • Presidential positions on cannabis
  • Developments in the war on drugs

Episodes of Marijuana Today can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


We urge cannabis enthusiasts to explore the wide world of cannabis podcasts and other content. At Happy Valley, we believe education is the key to unlocking the best cannabis experience possible. Read our free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Science for insights into the complex interactions between cannabis and human biology, from THC to terpenes and the endocannabinoid system. Additionally, we recommend becoming a Happy Valley insider to stay informed on special pricing deals, delivered right to your inbox.

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