Happy Valley’s CBD Tinctures are made with high-quality CBD oil and flavorless coconut-derived MCT oil. MCT oil aids in your body’s absorption of Cannabidiol (CBD) and is unique in that its chemical structure is smaller than other oils. This means your body breaks CBD down and starts utilizing it faster.

These CBD drops are discreet, easy to consume, and offer enhanced cannabinoid absorption rates. Happy Valley carries three types of tinctures; CBD, Pure THC and Remedy 1:1. All Happy Valley tinctures are always sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. Our commitment to purity is a difference you can taste.


Happy Valley’s Pure CBD Tincture contains high quality, tasteless CBD, delivered with optimal bioavailability through sublingual ingestion.

Pure Tincture Dosing Guidance

To assist with proper dosing, refer to the graphic below. Using the dropper provided, .25 mL is equal to 5MG of CBD. Always start low and slow to determine how your body will react then increase dosage as needed. Be sure to check the package label and instructions for accuracy.

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