What is Live Hash Rosin?

Happy Valley’s award-winning Live Hash Rosin is crafted in our state-of-the-art solventless lab in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We use cannabis freshly frozen at harvest to make Live Bubble Hash that we then press into Live Hash Rosin.


To make Happy Valley’s Live Hash Rosin we first mechanically isolate cultivar-specific, fresh-frozen trichomes using ice and water. The terpenes and cannabinoids are then pressed out of the trichome heads and collected using just heat, filtration, and pressure. Happy Valley’s Fresh Press Live Hash Rosin is kept in its original glassy state. This means it must be stored frozen until it reaches you. We manipulate this form of Live Rosin the least, and if you leave it at room temperature, you can see the curing process happen for yourself.


As the name implies, Happy Valley’s Cold-Cured Live Hash Rosin is cured in a cold environment to preserve the high terpene content while allowing those terpenes to express themselves more and delivering an easily scoopable consistency. Live Hash Rosin is cured in a cold environment and then stirred and mashed to homogenize our Cold-Cured Live Hash Rosin.


Happy Valley’s Live Hash Rosin Sugar is also made using Fresh Press Live Hash Rosin but cured using heat and pressure to create micro THCa crystals in a terpene-rich “sauce”. This consistency is much more liquid and the terpene profile expression is slightly different than our Live Rosin in Fresh Press or Cold-Cure form.

Learn the difference between Live Rosin vs Live Resin


At Happy Valley we grade our rosin and hash into a tier system. We feel this allows more transparency of our Solventless pricing to the consumer. The price point and the quality of our Solventless Concentrates are directly linked to each other. Our hash-makers evaluate each batch and rate it based on effect, flavor/smell, texture/consistency, and color. These four scores, along with the lab testing results, will place a batch in either Tier 1, 2, or 3. Each tier has a corresponding price point.

Tier 1 will have our Full-Melt Bubble Hash and our very best ultra-limited batch drops of Live Hash Rosin.
Tier 2 at Happy Valley is better than most top-shelf Rosin on the market. It is always 73-159 micron or better and the Rosin is always 1st press.
Tier 3 consists of quality 1st and 2nd press Live Rosin at a more economical price.


The recommended Dab Temperature is between 480 and 580F. Handle gently and store in the refrigerator, between 32-40°F.
Puffco Product Temperature Recommendation: (Blue/Green) setting


  • PuffCo Peak Electronic Portable Dab Rig
  • PuffCo Plus Portable Dab Pen
  • G Pen ROAM Portable Vaporizer
  • G Pen Connect Electric Dab Nail
  • D-Nail or MiniNail Enail Dab Kit

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