What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is a solvent-less cannabis concentrate—comprised of the plant’s resinous trichomes—named for the way it bubbles when heated. Happy Valley’s full spectrum, premium and potent Bubble Hash produces “full-melt” bubbles. In our state-of-the-art solvent-less lab, we meticulously filter and agitate exceptional, whole-plant cannabis flowers using ice and water to create our Bubble Hash.

Bubble Hash 5 – 6 Star Rating And Hash Micron Sizes Explained

Our Process
Ice water extraction of bubble hash is a solvent-free approach to concentrating Cannabis. The name bubble hash refers to the bubbles that form when hash is exposed to heat. Using only water and ice, trichome heads are mechanically separated from Cannabis flowers and collected using a series of fine mesh screens. Once trichomes have been removed from the flowers, the next move is to separate trichome heads from their stalks. Because the holes in the screens vary in size, hash makers can capture the swollen trichome heads in one screen while stalks, ruptured trichome heads and plant material are filtered out in other screens or washed away entirely. The intact trichome head contains the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes so as the ratio of heads to stalks increases so does the quality of the hash. The ultimate goal of any hash maker is achieving a 6-star melt.

Hash is categorized by the screen sizes used to collect it, rated in micron (µ) sizes. 25µ, 45µ, 72µ, 90µ, and 120µ are all different hash-making micron screen sizes. The finest trichrome heads are captured with the 72µ, 90µ, and 120µ screens, with the very best cannabinoids and terpene quality presenting itself at the 90µ level. Happy Valley uses these exceptional trichomes for its 90µ Bubble Hash, 73µ – 120µ Live Hash Rosin, and 90µ Live Hash Rosin.

When 4-star hash or “half melt” bubbles are exposed to heat, the presence of trichome stalks, tiny debris, and plant material prevent it from melting completely. When exposed to heat, 4-star hash will expand and puff up.

Happy Valley’s 5 and 6-star bubble hash has significantly higher ratios of intact trichome heads to stalks than 4-star varieties. This ratio is the foundation of a product defined by its rich cannabinoids and robust terpene profile. Unlike 4-star, 5-star essentially liquifies when exposed to heat, but leaves minimal charring as it is vaporized. True 6-star hash is called “full melt” because it does just that; melts completely, leaving zero charring.

To experience optimal aromatic and flavor profiles, dab (inhale via flash vaporization using heat) between 480-510°F. Handle gently and store in the refrigerator, between 32-40°F.

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