What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is a solvent-less cannabis concentrate—comprised of the plant’s resinous trichomes—named for the way it bubbles when heated. Happy Valley’s full spectrum, premium and potent Bubble Hash produces “full-melt” bubbles. In our state-of-the-art solvent-less lab, we meticulously filter and agitate exceptional, whole-plant cannabis flowers using ice and water to create our Bubble Hash.

Our Process

Most Solventless Concentrates are made using bubble hash. The term “bubble hash” refers to the process of making hash using ice and water to remove and isolate the resin glands, or trichomes, from the plant. The term also refers to the fact that bubble hash bubbles when smoked. The meltability of this bubble hash is traditionally rated on a one through six star scale, as a measure of quality. At Happy Valley, we sell five and six-star bubble hash intended for dabbing. Five and six-star bubble hash is also referred to as “full-melt”.

Our Full-Melt Bubble Hash is the least processed form of dabbable cannabis concentrate. It is simply a collection of the absolute best trichome heads from the plant, preserved freshly frozen at the time of harvest. This conserves all the nuance and character of the oil inside these trichomes. Even the most volatile and elusive parts of the plant’s chemical profile make it to your taste buds and lungs with our fresh-frozen, full-melt bubble hash.

Only the cleanest and meltiest trichomes make it into our dabbable bubble hash, so this product needs to stay frozen to maintain its pristine sandy texture. Once the heads “grease down” onto each other, the degradation process has started. However, this may make it easier to scoop a dab from your jar, if you are going to enjoy the rest of the hash in the next few days

To experience optimal aromatic and flavor profiles, dab (inhale via flash vaporization using heat) between 480-510°F. Handle gently and store in the refrigerator, between 32-40°F.

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