Our team has accumulated an extensive knowledge base across the entire spectrum of the cannabis industry, including the know-how in constructing state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and retail stores, proprietary extraction techniques and formulations, breeding, genetics and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Research and Development

Happy Valley Ventures is creating one of the world’s first genomic mapping research lab at our facility in Newburyport, MA. We aim to study genetics, genetic markers and chemotype traits to research and certify the DNA of each cannabis cultivar for further refinement of cannabis genetics in crop production, cannabinoid content, terpene production and more.

Comprised of the world’s top talent in plant science, the Happy Valley R&D Team works alongside our cultivation staff to develop advanced genetics. This research creates a higher standard of verification and all around safer products.

Diverse Products

Happy Valley takes pride in being a leader in solvent-less extraction and (Zero ppm, mold mildew & pesticide free) single source C02 oil extraction. We take water extraction and mechanical rosin extraction paired with single source cannabis derived terpenes very seriously. We believe, better ingredients make better products.

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