Happy Valley Values

Several adults working at a food bank in masks

Happy Valley’s commitment extends not only to excellence in our products and customer experience, but to supporting the decriminalization of cannabis across the U.S. Cannabis criminalization and prohibition has far-reaching effects on communities across the country. Happy Valley will always go the extra mile to promote meaningful changes to support the cannabis community and help remove the stigma. 

As a company that supports legal recreational and medical cannabis use, we recognize the importance of doing our part. Each month, Happy Valley will support a local initiative. We encourage our readers and customers to support these organizations, as well.

Happy Valley & the Last Prisoner Project:

As a strong advocate for cannabis decriminalization, Happy Valley has supported the modernization of cannabis laws while calling for justice for unduly punished cannabis users. Happy Valley proudly supports the decriminalization of cannabis in the U.S., and works closely with the Last Prisoner Project to redress the past and continuing harms of unjust cannabis laws and policies.

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