Wedding Cake MAC

Happy Valley’s Flower is cultivated from start to finish for a truly premium experience. We insist on meticulously hand trimming our fresh flower before curing it for two weeks to preserve the terpene profile. After careful placement our glass jars are then hermetically sealed to ensure optimum flavor and freshness.

A hybrid cultivar known for high levels of THC. This cultivar acts as a calming agent for most, and is known to significantly increase appetite.



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Wedding Cake MAC

Species: Hybrid

Originates From: Unknown

Breeder: Unknown

Genetics: Wedding Cake X MAC

Flavor Profile: Sweet and fruity

What is Verified Genetics?
At Happy Valley we send out all of our flower for DNA testing to guarantee when you purchase Wedding Cake MAC you’re actually getting Wedding Cake MAC – with the genetic test to prove it. Wherever you shop, be sure to ask for the genetic test of the flower you purchased.

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